About Us

About Divine Landscapes

  At Divine Lightscapes, We are a family owned and operated Designer / Installer of Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting.                                               

  In 1992, I started a thriving Landscape Company based in upstate New York. In 2000, I began offering Landscape Lighting to my customers. In 2006 I moved to North Carolina, to pursue my passion, Outdoor Lighting.

   My family and I work as a team on our Lighting Installations and Free Nighttime Lighting Demonstrations.                                                        

  We continue to provide Charlotte North Carolina and the surrounding areas with quality Outdoor Landscape Lighting, done with a driven perfection to always go above and beyond our own high standards in turn exceeding our customers  


Outdoor Lighting Services We Offer

Landscape Lighting Systems and Lighting Effects.

Light has the ability to create visual compositions that can be dramatic, harmonious and romantic. It helps blend interior and exterior spaces, making your home feel larger. Investing in a well designed, professionally installed landscape lighting system is the one investment that encompasses time, beauty, safety and security.

Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting services for Charlotte, North Carolina. How would you like to increase your living space? Increase your living environment as much as your want with landscape lighting. Divine Lightscapes understand that a well thought-out lighting portrait blends interior living spaces with exterior ones and vice-versa. The interior does not overshadow the exterior, but rather they each accentuate and balance one another to create harmonious cohesion and a sense of continuous space.

Exterior Lighting for Entertainment

Make the night come alive with exterior landscape lighting! Enhance the beauty of your home and landscape with a Divine Lightscapes. The philosophy behind every Divine Lightscapes project is to create a unique and inviting environment that complements your lifestyle, accentuates your surroundings and provides you with overall beauty.

Increase Curb Appeal with Lighting

Increase "curb appeal" and enhance the overall architecture of your home with landscape lighting. Investing in a Divine Lightscapes project is not simply icing on the cake; it is the one feature that increases the value of your home while allowing you to spend more time outdoors enjoying your investment.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Landscape lighting accents pathways, stairs, or any other potential hazards within your yard. Lighting helps you to navigate safely around your property while enjoying its beauty at the same time.

Outdoor Lighting for Security

Landscape lighting is the primary deterrent to residential crime. Although lighting cannot prevent crime, statistics show that a well lit home is much more likely to deter potential criminals. You can provide safety and security to your loved ones with landscape lighting. Lighting professionals agree that a well-designed lighting portfolio can increase the safety and security of your home by eliminating accidents and vandalism.