We welcome questions about design or redesign of lightscapes for both existing and new homes as well as your business. We work directly with home owners and in collaboration with their landscape architects and builders to create a truly unique look. This can be natural, striking or bold depending on the owner’s wishes. We carefully and neatly install the outdoor lighting on your landscape leaving the property exactly as it was before. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to service provision. All our landscape lighting products are premium and built to last. All our product lines are regularly updated to include new styles and technology that will best complement your home and landscape.

Cornelius Outdoor Landscape Lighting

 If you are looking for a service company for your lighting system then we are your guys. Regular service of all landscape lighting systems is recommended and we welcome all customers to our maintenance services. We have qualified technicians who are adept at maintaining all sorts of outdoor lighting systems plus we have all the equipment needed to get the job done right. All our clients receive excellent service as we follow a detailed check list recommended by manufacturers of the systems themselves. Please contact us today and let us design, install, maintain, repair or replace your outdoor lighting so that you can get to enjoy the outdoor even at night.