Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting & Effects for the Charlotte, NC Area

Mood, Architectural, & Landscape LightingCreate a lighting portrait for your home by using light as the brush and your home as the canvas to create your nighttime masterpiece. Lighting create a balance between the interior and the exterior of your home and increase living space.

Having quality landscape lighting installed on your property is an investment you will enjoy for many years to come. Not only does it add security and safety during the night time hours, it can transform the way your home looks when the sun goes down. During the day, the sun in all its brilliance provides an even light and some features of your landscape can get lost in the crowd.

A well designed landscape lighting unit can help highlight these features and provide a totally different look to your yard at night. We can highlight all the important architectural features of your home and make them pop out, light your walkways and pavement for safety and provide a warm welcome for all your guests.

Why hire us to handle all your landscape lighting?

At Divine Lightscapes, we believe that the client’s vision is just as important as our own. This is why we help our clients see exactly how their homes and landscapes will look like before they make a commitment. This free demonstration is great for a client since you get the opportunity to make any modifications to the design and lighting and consult with our lighting experts before the actual unit is installed. Once you see the huge difference our outdoor lighting solutions make you will thank the stars or calling us in the first place.

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